Lets take a cup of coffee, and talk.

Communication is not necessarily endless paper reports, countless emails or Powerpoint presentations. Its sometimes down to a personal contact and talk. Its efficient and clarifying, and you still may need the coffee 🙂

We like to talk about your business, your challenges and experiences. We contribute with innovation, commercial development, international insight and connecting of the dots within medtech, biotech and technology

Average YoY increase in customer sales
New customer contacts per day
New customer contacts per year
Capital raised in 2015

International focus

We focus on aspects of international business for our customers. The highest growth rates and possibilities for success lies in the international markets

Commercial development

Product and service development for commercial success is the key to all aspects of businesses. Today, in life science, the major challenge is in the commercialization and market access rather than development.

Piece of cake

Getting a piece of the cake is not a piece of cake. Agile market access, product extension & development, customer binding are factors every business needs to excel in, if they want to be successful